‘WandaVision’: Wonder Man Could Be Jimmy Woo’s Missing Person

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The latest episode of WandaVision finally revealed what was happening outside of the strange sitcom bubble. We get introduced to Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis, and Jimmy Woo. Most revelations in this episode surrounded Wanda’s control over this small American town. Yet, there was one more subtle reveal. Woo’s search for a missing person case brought everyone to uncover Wanda’s sitcom world. He reveals that it is a man who is in the Witness Protection program. It seemed odd that they added such detail to what could be just a throwaway line. I think we already got the teaser of who it might be as early as the show’s first week.

Let’s take a look back at the Disney+ show’s premiere. We finally got to see the first two episodes and were welcomed by a brand new featurette. There is a brief shot of head writer Jac Schaeffer with a comic image of Wonder Man, a.k.a. Simon Williams, in the background. So far, there has not been a single remark or hint at his existence within this story. There is another hint hidden in the second episode’s opening. If you look closely, there is the iconic helmet of Marvel Comic’s Grim Reaper. He is an iconic Marvel Comics villain who some might know as Eric Williams, Wonder Man’s brother. The character had an important role in Tom King‘s Vision run, so it felt like a nice Easter Egg. Yet, the image in the featurette may have given away his inclusion in the story.




There are a few potential hints that we can use to connect the dots. Wonder Man has an essential connection to Vision in the comics. When Ultron created the synthezoid, he used the brain patterns of the deceased superhero. Of course, we never got this origin story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After his apparent death in Avengers: Infinity War, there might be a chance to revisit his original origin. Plus, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Williams joined the Witness Protection program while being on the run from his brother, who could still appear in the story later on.

Also, there is the aspect of the Westview citizens getting trapped in a sitcom world. There is a possible connection to Wanda’s history with the genre, but it also seems like the perfect world for a guy like Williams to feel at home. He might overact his way through the events. There is also the fun possibility that he is one of the few people aware of what is happening but just decided to have some fun with it. This series would also not be his first potential appearance within the MCU. Nathan Fillion almost played the character in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2There he was only going to have a brief appearance and be featured on posters. So, they were planning on introducing the character in some form or another at some point. Yet, there has been no sight of Fillion so far to tie it together.




So, we certainly haven’t seen Fillion appear at any point in the past episodes. I doubt that he will be reprising the role, as he is busy filming The RookieStill, it doesn’t mean they would completely sideline this original set-up. He is in the witness protection program so he could’ve gone through facial reconstructive surgery. The former actor was forced into hiding and is on a mission to relive his glory days. Suddenly, the small town turned into a living sitcom. Even brainwashed, he couldn’t hold back his hammy acting and was there where he wanted to be. Once Wanda’s grip on this reality started to loosen, he couldn’t help himself and tried to embrace a larger role. If they continue Fillion‘s teased approached, he may end up biting more than he can chew.

Who would be perfect for a potentially larger role in the MCU? Well, how about Evan Peters? We are still waiting to find out who he might be playing ever since our very own Charles Murphy reported his addition. Everyone focuses on his history with American Horror Story as the template for him to potentially end up playing Mephisto. There is also his comedic background with Kick-Ass and the X-Men films. Now that I mentioned it, there is also the big question in the room if he might be a different version of Quicksilver, as he took on the role since Days of Future Past. Whatever he turns out to be playing, he would be a fantastic addition that could grow into a larger role moving forward. He seems like perfect casting to take on the role and showboat his acting skills while everyone else is trying to figure out why Wanda is controlling their lives. 

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