Warner Bros. Discovery to License Canceled HBO Max Shows Like ‘Westworld’

After cancelling a plethora of shows on HBO Max, Warner Bros. Discovery is looking to license some of those titles, including ‘Westworld.’

HBO Max shocked fans everywhere when it canceled Westworld after four seasons. The series, thought to be one of HBO Max’s biggest series, was canceled in November. At the time, it was unclear exactly why the show was canned, especially as it was rumored not to be over budgetary reasons. However, it looks like Westworld – along with other canceled titles – will have a chance at a new life.

It was revealed on Wednesday that Warner Bros. Discovery was seeking to license some of its canceled and pulled programming to third-party free ad-supported television channels. The move comes as HBO Max readies to remove titles like Westworld, The Nevers, Raised by Wolves, FBoy Island, Legendary and The Time Traveler’s Wife from the service.

In a statement released to the press, Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy celebrated the possibility of getting their series in front of new audiences. “We are incredibly proud of ‘Westworld’ and the remarkable work of our cast and crew. We are excited to have the opportunity to welcome a whole new audience to our show.”

Shows produced by Warner Bros. will be easier to license, while other projects like Gordita Chronicles and Love Life, which hail from Sony Pictures Television and Lionsgate Television, respectively, will prove to be a bit more complicated in the dealmaking process as those studios will have say over the negotiation process of any potential deals.

Source: Variety.

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