Warner Brothers Discovery Should Develop a Parliament for DC Films

Warner Bros Discovery is looking to revamp its DC slate, so we look at a few candidates that would be perfect to lead the charge.

There’s yet another period of change happening over at Warner Brothers as the company recently completed its merger with Discovery leading to David Zaslav taking over control. With this merger came the report that the new leadership was unsatisfied with the current state of DC projects, believing that certain pillars of the brand have been cast aside and forgotten about. In fact, it was recently revealed that Zaslav and company are looking to find a Kevin Feige-like figure to lead the DC film franchise into a more cohesive direction and build something similar to what Marvel Studios has with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only issue here is that they don’t just need a Feige, Warner Bros. Discovery needs a parliament, too. 

The Parliament is a group of executives that actively work alongside Feige, helping to determine what projects should get made at Marvel Studios. The idea here is that Warner Brothers Discovery should continue its search to find a business-experienced individual to lead its DC films, but surround that leader with a creatively experienced council of producers that can help build the film franchise.

This idea sprouted from many folks online who’ve pitched a lot of really talented folks for the position, but the names being tossed around don’t appear to be what Warner Brothers Discovery is looking for.

Draft Pick #1: Greg Berlanti

Whether or not you like the Arrowverse or not, you cannot deny that it is not something super impressive based on how far it has grown and developed. Since the premiere of ArrowGreg Berlanti has been the man behind it all, shaping a shared universe of DC characters onto the small-screen. Along with Arrow, shows like FlashSupergirlBlack Lightning and Batwoman have built a rich universe of characters that have come to be beloved by fans. The way they put together massive, multi-show crossover events year after year is impressive, and his input on shaping the cinematic universe could be quite useful. 

Draft Pick #2: Jim Lee

When the news initially broke that Warner Brothers Discovery was looking for a Feige-type, many folks immediately suggested that Jim Lee be the man for the job. The last time we had someone like Lee in that position it did not work out too well, with Geoff Johns being placed elsewhere. Lee, however, is still a vital asset to DC and continues to serve as Chief Creative Officer and publisher for the company. Lee has been a major part of DC since 1998 following the acquisition of Wildstorm comics. Jim Lee’s passion and knowledge for the DC mythos is something that could be super valuable creatively as part of the DC Parliament. 

Draft Pick #3 and #4: Bruce Timm and Paul Dini

These are names that just about anyone that’s ever dipped a toe into the comic book world would know, while some might even call them legends for the work they’ve done with the DC Universe. Dini and Timm, of course, are best known for their work in the animated space of DC, building a shared animated universe with series like Batman: The Animated SeriesThe New Batman AdventuresJustice LeagueJustice League: Unlimited, as well as quite a few animated DC films. The work the two have done should not go unnoticed, and their experience would be incredibly beneficial to building a cinematic DC universe. Justice League: Unlimited is quite the prime example, with the series juggling a wide library of characters, giving many lesser-known characters their time in the limelight, and getting young fans associated with the universe and all it has to offer. 

Draft Pick #5: James Gunn

People have suggested Gunn before, believing that he could be a great pick to lead the DC Extended Universe and act as their Feige figure, and creatively, yes, Gunn could put together some really great stuff but he isn’t what WBD is looking for and Gunn has said he doesn’t want the job. So don’t give him that job, give him this one. This creative advisor position could be perfect for Gunn, having seen how things run over in the MCU and his vast knowledge of comic book films could be very beneficial to the DCEU as it goes through a growth period. Gunn’s past adaptations in both the MCU and DCEU have been praised by fans and critics alike, his input should be recognized by the folks looking to change things behind the scenes.

Draft Pick #6: Gail Simone

Simone is probably one of my favorite writers at DC, she’s done incredible work with plenty of iconic characters in the DC library. Some of her most notable works include BatgirlBirds of PreySecret Six, and Wonder Woman. She could be yet another creative asset for those at Warner Brothers Discovery, as some of her work has been incredible face-lifts for pre-existing material. I think it’s best to get a council of folks from all different occupational walks of life and Simone would be their best bet in reworking some aspects of the DC universe. Simone has experience in these fields as well, having written for shows like Justice League: Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, and is even working on the upcoming Red Sonja film. 

This is merely a hypothetical that Warner Brothers Discovery could benefit from if they’re looking to move more into the way Marvel Studios does things. These positions, though, would merely be advisory to help build a cohesive universe and storyline that each project would help progress. Here’s to a better and brighter live-action DC Universe, one that all fans can enjoy together.

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