‘Werewolf by Night’ Isn’t a Pilot for a Future MCU Series

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Many were excited when Marvel Studios unveiled its new approach for its first-ever holiday special, Werewolf by Night. They had a great touch by calling git a Marvel Studios Special Presentation, which also opened up the possibility to further explore the concept with other projects. It’ll very likely make a return with the upcoming The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and maybe even more explorations of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s monster world.

Yet, many wondered if Werewolf by Night may act as a setup for something given the introduction to some iconic members of the comics, Jack Russell, Elsa Bloodstone, and Ted. With Marvel Studios’ expansion on Disney+, many wondered if this might lead to a new series, especially with Midnight Sons theories making the rounds since Moon Knight’s entry into the franchise.

Well, director Michael Giacchino has swiftly pointed out that this project was never meant to act as a backdoor pilot for anything. It’s a standalone project but doesn’t discount the possibility that “anything can happen. We’ll see.” Man-Thing’s arrival in the Multiverse Saga seems perfectly timed given his connection to the Nexus of All Reality. So, we’ll definitely see these characters again, and hopefully, Giacchino will also return to the director’s chair sooner rather than later. Perhaps a recent seat vacancy could begin his road to his first theatrical directorial debut (if you don’t count film festivals).

Source: Variety

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