‘What If..?’ Composer on Adapting to Each Episode’s Genre

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We’re still anxiously awaiting any news on what Marvel Studios’ next season of What If…? has in store for us. Besides the brief tease from San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios has gone quiet on their animation front. Wild rumors have circulated that didn’t help matters much, but it seems we have something to carry us over in an interview by Laura Karpman on what it’s like working on the animated series, and it looks like she’s having a blast.

Oh, I love it. The thing about What If…? that’s amazing is that every episode is different, so you’re kind of starting all over again. So every episode is its own little world or a big world. And so it really is… It’s doing these series of little films, and it’s a pleasure. It’s a great gig

Laura Karpman

Karpman is no stranger to working with Marvel Studios, as she’s recently been involved with Ms. Marvel and even next year’s film release, The Marvels. While details on those projects aren’t divulged, she does tease how she had to adapt to each episode’s unique theming while also adhering to the scores that inspired them, if it was a Captain America or Guardians of the GAlaxy-focused episode.

So it’s one of those things where big decisions have to be made in every episode. And in fact, it’s the opposite of prescriptive. Although there are materials that we can draw from if we choose to. So there are preexisting materials. If I want to use some of Ludwig [Göransson]’s music or Alan Silvestri music, or anybody who’s worked in the MCU, we think about how do we want to do it. And I only have one kind of monster rule for myself when it comes to using the great themes written by the composers, and that is that I don’t actually ever look at the sheet music. I do it all by ear because I think if it filters through my brain somehow, then it’ll feel like the show. Then it’ll feel like I’ve had my influence rather than just really drawing exactly from what was written. And I think it’s better for the show too, because then it feels somewhat new.

Laura Karpman

It definitely sounds like the series gave her a fun challenge while flexing her creative muscle. There’s something unique about their first animated project that is steeped in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s history. Now, we only need to wait for an official release date.

Source: Collider

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