What to Expect from Lucasfilm at D23 Expo 2022

Lucasfilm will be sharing Hall D23 with Marvel Studios on Saturday, September 10th and should have plenty to talk about
lucasfilm d23

Disney’s second Studios Showcase at D23 2022 looms large as both Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm are set to roll out first looks and announcements for their upcoming slates. We’ve taken a shot at predicting what Marvel Studios might get up to on stage in Hall D23, now it’s Lucasfilm’s turn.

Big Indy Energy

Perhaps the biggest news expected to come out of the Studios Showcase surrounds James Mangold’s Indiana Jones film. After a number of setbacks over the years, Indy V is set to release in theaters on June 30, 2023, nearly 4 years after its original target date. An all-star cast surrounds the legendary Harrison Ford in this one, so bringing them onstage to reveal the official title of the film and a teaser (there have been rumors that one is in the works) would make for a big splash for one of Lucasfilm’s largest non-Star Wars properties.

Bad Batch Bash

the bad batch season 2 premiere

A second season of The Bad Batch is coming soon, but how soon? Originally, it was expected that the sophomore season of the animated series would drop on Disney + on September 28th; however, much has changed since then that could impact the series, most notably, the Star Wars live-action series Andor saw its release date pushed back nearly a month. With that change and no official word from Lucasfilm about when to expect the Batchers’ Season 2 exploits, fans aren’t entirely sure what to expect. That should all change at D23. An updated trailer and a release date are entirely reasonable expectations for a series that is all but a lock to premiere before the end of the year.

The Further Adventures of Willow Ufgood

The Disney Plus streaming series Willow was rolled out at Star Wars Celebration back in May and hasn’t been heard from since. Currently set to debut on the service in November, Willow has to be in the plans for D23. The first trailer was pretty nostalgic, so a second trailer that provides a bit more of an idea of what the series is all about is probably in order. It wouldn’t be too surprising if the star of the series, Warwick Davis, were on hand for something. Davis has a wonderful relationship with Lucasfilm, so if there’s an opportunity for him to be there, he certainly would be.

Mando and Ahsoka Updates

It is probably far too early for publicly released teasers/trailers for Season 3 of The Mandalorian and/or Ahsoka and those two projects were front and center at Star Wars Celebration back in May, but that doesn’t mean fans at D23 won’t be seeing something! Expect footage to be shown from both series and HOPEFULLY some target windows for release. These two series are among the Crown Jewels of Lucasfilm’s properties and you can expect the studio to show them off and generate hype around them whenever possible.

Who’s on the Crew?

Production on Jon Watts‘ streaming series, Skeleton Crew, has been underway for over a month now and short of Jude Law, the cast of the coming-of-age story is completely unknown. In fact, everything about the series is wrapped up in mystery and short of a few decent rumors and leaks, fans just don’t have a lot of information about the show. One thing that is known, however, is that it’s filming in California, making it possible for that unknown cast to swing into Anaheim and be introduced to the D23 crowd. Even if they don’t take a break from filming to pop in, however, it seems fair to expect some sort of update on the series.

Double Visions

star wars visions 2

Season 1 of Star Wars: Visions, a non-canon animated anime-inspired anthology, became an overnight sensation when it streamed on D+. A second season of the series was announced at Star Wars Celebration and rumors have indicated it may still stream in 2022. The new season will expand its menu of cultural influences beyond anime and continue to introduce new characters, locations and stories. An announcement of a release date along with either a trailer or some concept art doesn’t seem like too much to expect.

Tales Teasers and Timeline

star wars tales of the jedi

Expected to stream on D+ sometime this Fall, Tales of the Jedi has no official release date and no official trailer, though one did leak online along with the plots of all six episodes. Since the series was first shown off back in May, it’s commandeered quite a bit more attention than anyone probably expected. A trailer, which would be made public, and a release date certainly seem in order.

Answers about The Acolyte

the acolyte star wars

The Acolyte is one of Lucasfilm’s most mysterious and most talked about streaming projects. Even though it’s set to begin principal photography in October, there’s been next to no official news about the project. As of now, only the series lead, Amandla Stenberg, has been officially revealed by the studios. All this means that the series could have a fairly major presence in the Hall D23 presentation, introducing the cast and giving fans a little better idea of what to expect and either confirming or shooting down those Darth Plageuis rumors.


If everything listed above happened at D23, not only would it fill Lucasfilm’s portion of the 2-hour time slot, but also please even Star Wars fans. However, there are a couple of other pieces of low-hanging fruit that Lucasfilm could pluck that would really send fans away in a frenzy. A second season of Obi-Wan Kenobi is as sure of a thing as any Star Wars project, so why not announce it? Now that Taika Waititi has fulfilled his obligations to Marvel Studios around Thor: Love and Thunder, how about some information on his Star Wars film? Three titles were recently trademarked(The Great Circle, The Galactic Circle, and Circle of Resistance.) that fans believe are Star Wars-related and COULD indicate an announcement is imminent. Could one of them be Waititi’s film? And of course, there’s always the element of surprise and the option that something entirely new pops up, whether Star Wars-related or related to another one of Lucasfilm’s major IPs.

No matter how you slice it, D23 is shaping up to be a can’t-miss event for fans of Lucasfilm’s many properties.

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