‘Wheel of Time’ is Amazon Prime’s Most-Watched Premiere of 2021

wheel of time premiere

It looks like Amazon Prime’s latest new series, Wheel of Time, is off to a strong start as Deadline is reporting that the fantasy novel adaptation has become the most-watched series of 2021 for Prime Video. Not only that, Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke has highlighted that it’s in the top 4 of the streaming services launches. So, it looks like they are quite satisfied with its performance and the new series might have a bright future ahead.

She also added that the series had some of the highest completion rates they’ve seen for a series with third parties pointing it to being the most talked-about release for Amazon so far. The Rosamund Pike-led project was even outpacing Netflix’s popular fantasy adaptation, The Witcher. Early predictions have come true, as it was poised to be their biggest opening since the second season of The Boys.

Amazon has also highlighted that they are aiming to offer more transparency for the future, which seems to be a reactionary move due to Netflix also offering insight into their top ten streaming performances on a weekly basis. It’ll be interesting to see if we get insight into how exactly these series perform across the board, especially with the ever-growing competition.

Source: Deadline

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