‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Has Awoken in New Teaser

zack snyder justice league teaser

We are only a few weeks away from the highly anticipated release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. It has been a long road until the famous Snyder Cut would finally get released. The first trailer gave us a look at what we missed out on in 2017’s version by Joss Whedon. Now, Snyder can unveil his original vision, which includes the appearance of Darkseid, his original design of Steppenwolf, and the Knightmare sequence. The 4-hour film will be an event that no one wants to miss on HBO Max. To celebrate its release on March 18th, Warner Bros. has released a brand new design that highlights the epic tale we are about to jump into.




Snyder is talented, especially when it comes to visuals, so this showcase highlights the spectacle the upcoming film will represent. Some great details highlight the different members of the Justice League. Aquaman sits on a throne wrapped by tentacles as if he took down a beast to show his strength, while Batman to his beliefs. If you take a closer look at the grave teased before Bruce Wayne, you might notice that the gravestone has Richard Grayson’s name on it, which finally answers that questions. 

Cyborg has the Mother Box’s energy beating out of him to showcase his close ties to them. The idea of using the storyline’s focus as the backdrop for the characters is a fantastic visual and unique way to promote the film. It will be quite the experience once it releases and finally gives us the vision he always wanted to reveal.

Source: Twitter

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