New Toy Leak Indicates Sleepwalker and D’Spayre Among the ‘Multiverse of Madness’ Wave Figures

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Very few people cover the future Marvel Legends wave on the level of YouTuber Rektangular. His channel is full of leaks and updates of any kind, which makes it worth a follow if you’re a collector. In his most recent update, Rektangular spilled the beans on what to expect from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends collection for 2022.

Obviously, the further out the waves, the less info that’s available, but Rektangular seemed very certain about what to expect from the first two waves set to launch in 2022. The best part is that both will feature figures from upcoming MCU films.

The first wave of Legends is currently scheduled for a January release and will feature characters from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The wave will feature a mix of seven MCU and comic book characters who are currently only known by the following code names:

  • Runes
  • Bleeker
  • Bleeper
  • Stripes
  • Master
  • Sleep
  • Dreamy

According to Rektangular, two of those figures will be comic book sculpts of Sleepwalker and D’Spayre. A digital rendering of D’Spayre, who is a demon and one of the Fear Lords that feed upon the souls of humans for power, leaked some time ago. However, this is the first mention (to my knowledge) of Sleepwalker joining the wave. A relatively obscure character, he has a bit of a cult following and has taken on the Fear Lords, specifically Nightmare, in the comics. Of course, these characters being in the wave is in no way an indication that they will appear in the film.

It’s likely that Sleepwalker and D’Spayre are “Sleepy” and “Dreamy” while the other characters are from the film. Given what we know, it’s possible that Wanda is “Runes”, Strange is Bleeker (a reference to the NYC Sanctum’s location), America Chavez is “Stripes” and Wong is “Master.” That just leaves “Bleeper”, who could be Rintrah. Keep in mind this is the first wave and won’t be spoilery, so Rintrah seems safer than say members of the rumored Illuminati.

April will reportedly see the release of a 7-figure wave featuring characters from Thor: Love and Thunder that we recently covered here. According to Rektangular, the rest of the year will see 6 additional waves released:

  • April: Vintage wave
  • May: X-Men wave
  • June: Classic wave
  • September: Avengers wave
  • September: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever wave
  • October: Avenger wave

It’s likely that characters from Marvel Studios’ streaming series She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel will be sprinkled into some of the waves listed above. It’s also possible that additional waves could be planned. Check out Rektangular’s report below and give him a follow if you’re into such things.

Source: YouTube

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