RUMOR: Leaked Marvel Legends’ Code Names Tease ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Additions

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Throughout the pandemic, it seemed like the only real update we have for upcoming Marvel Studios projects was through merchandise. Even now, as film shave finally returned to theaters, sometimes leaks from toy companies offer some insight into the upcoming project, or at the very least a sign we can expect teases for upcoming projects. Twitter user @preterniadotcom shared a list that may potentially hint at the first wave of Marvel Legends figurines for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Some of these could be quite easy to connect. Necro might be in reference to the Necrosword, so that’ll likely be Gorr the God Butcher. Korg is a good candidate for Cracked, while Pew Pew could be in reference to Star-Lord. Biceps is likely Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor, which could be as a reference to the image teased of him on set included in the tweet. The rest get a bit more difficult but Sabaton, a Swedish heavy metal band could be in reference to Valkyrie while Helm is Jane, due to her character famously wearing a helmet in the comics.

Still, we have to keep in mind that not every single figurine in this line-up will be from the film. Even the What If…? series included at least one character from the comics. Perhaps we’ll get a Loki figurine in addition that isn’t directly connected to the film. IF code names are available and they are eyeing an April release, there’s a chance we might get a good look at them around February or March. Spider-Man: No Way Home’s toy tie-ins were released ahead of the trailer as well that offered some teases of the film.

Source: Twitter

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