Additional Evidence Supports Kid Loki Joining the MCU in ‘Loki’

Over the last year, there’s been mounting evidence that the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series, Loki, would feature different versions of the trickster. Sophie Di Martino is widely speculated to be playing a female version of the character (speculation that was backed up by some samples of the score for the series), Richard E. Grant’s role as “Classic Loki” may have been revealed by his stuntman, and, last September, evidence emerged that we might also be getting Kid Loki in the series. Now young actor Jack Veal has confirmed his role in Loki via Instagram and furthered speculation that he could be playing a younger version of the God of Mischief.

Veal shared the recently revealed poster for the show and, as you can see in the photo above, confirmed he was in the series and responded “can’t wait” to a user referring to Kid Loki. Obviously, we’re in no position to officially confirm that Veal will portray Kid Loki, but he seems to be pretty excited about the prospects. The idea of there somehow being multiple versions of Loki involved in the show is both comic accurate and could set up any number of potential stories or spinoffs down the road. You can never be sure what to expect from a Loki but we’ll all find out together when Loki streams on Disney Plus beginning June 11th!



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