Alfred Molina Loved the Freedom CGI Gave Him in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

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Spider-Man: No Way Home will finally see the return of Doc Ock to the silver screen. Even better, Alfred Molina will return as the character, which he last played in 2004’s Spider-Man 2. Of course, modern technology offers new ways for him to bring the character to life, and his mechanical tentacles are no longer brought to life through puppeteering but rather CGI. Of course, it has raised some people’s eyebrows on the choice, but it seems Molina was quite happy with the new direction.

In the latest episode of Hot Ones, Tom Holland was interviewed about the upcoming film and he offered some insight into how excited he was to work alongside the Spider-Man veteran in the new film. Not just that, he even offered some insight into how they brought the iconic mechanical limbs to life in the series, especially in comparison to 2004.

His robotic arms were puppets. They were real tangible things and they’d have a guy on each one and they would puppeteer them while he was performing. So, he had to work in tandem with the other four guys. On this film, obviously, technology has advanced. CGI is so prevalent in these films. So, it was amazing seeing him have a bit more freedom on set with the way he could move without having to rely on other people.

Tom Holland

Holland even offered a little insight into how they made it look like he was using the limbs to walk. He goes on to highlight that the actor had a lot of fun with the new set-up, especially as it would swing him around.

We have this thing called da toothpick rig, which is like a long bar, almost like a crane, with a platform on one end and weights on the other. And, they’d put him on that crane so they can move him around so that it looks like the arms are carrying him. And he loved it. Like, he absolutely loved it.

Tom Holland

He also goes on to share that Molina would even get dragged off in the middle of a conversation while being attached to the toothpick rig. It sounds like they had a lot of fun during production and it’s great to see the actor embrace the new technology, especially as it probably made it easier for him to tackle action sequences even with his age. It’ll be interesting to see the final product come to life once the film is finally released next year.

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