Andy Muschietti Teases an Unconventional ‘THE FLASH’ Suit

flash suit

Batman is all the rage right now. Next year will see not one but three live-action Batmen on the big screen. The interesting part is that two of them will star in the same movie. Since production on The Flash began, director Andy Muschietti has been dropping emblem reveals for his film’s protagonist. Many fans are eager to see the return of Ben Affleck as Batman and assumed Batman Day would be the day, but to not avail. To catch us off-guard, Muschietti did indeed share a tease, just a day late.

In a new Instagram post, the director revealed another look at a costume for the upcoming film, but this time it’s sending some mixed signals. What we’ve got this time around is a Batsuit belonging to Keaton but seems to have been spray-painted red with a yellow lightning bolt over the bat. It seems this could be a look at one of Barry’s possible suits in the film. There are also some noticeable differences from previous teases.

In Justice League, it is revealed that Barry’s suit is made out of the same materials Nasa uses to protect its spaceships from burning up once they re-entered Earth’s atmosphere. To keep it from falling apart, it is held together with wiring. Barry used this suit to run around in as it’s the only material that can withstand his abilities. There’s a chance that his suit cannot withstand whatever leads him into the multiverse and is destroyed upon arrival. This old Batsuit acts as a replacement until he eventually gets his new suit revealed at last year’s Fandome, which we saw in some set photos. It’ll be interesting to see if we get a closer look at this year’s DC FanDome.

Source: Instagram

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