Angel Manuel Soto Set to Direct DC’s ‘BLUE BEETLE’

As they continue to develop their slate of DC films, Warner Bros. has signed up director Angel Manuel Soto to helm their upcoming adaptation of Blue Beetle. According to a trade report, Soto’s film will feature Jamie Reyes, making this Warner’s first Latino-led superhero film.

Blue Beetle Movie in Development | Den of Geek

Blue Beetle was first introduced as a Fox Comics character by the name of Dan Garrett back in 1939. The character made his way to Charlton Comics and eventually to DC. Following Garrett, both Ted Kord and Jamie Reyes have filled the shoes of the character, but the film, written by Scarface remake writer Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer will follow Reyes, who assumed the mantle during the 2006 DC event Infinite Crisis. The film has been in development since late 2018 and is looking to begin production this fall.

Source: The Wrap


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