‘Black Adam:’ Aldis Hodge is Ready for Mr. Terrific and Hawkgirl to Board the DCEU

For Hawkman actor, Aldis Hodge, he’s hoping to see Hawkgirl and Mr. Terrific join the DCEU following ‘Black Adam.’

On Wednesday evening, Warner Bros. Discovery held the world premiere of its latest offering: Black Adam. The film has long been expected to usher in a new era for DC Comics on the big screen. And while currently tracking for an impressive opening, it remains to be seen when or if a sequel eventually happens. Still, one cast member is already dreaming of where this new take on the DC Extended Universe could go, and he’s hoping it includes Mr. Terrific and Hawkgirl.

While walking the red carpet for Black Adam, Hawkman actor Aldis Hodge was asked which characters from the comics he’d like to see join the DCEU. Hodge, of course, noted he had two characters in particular on his mind. “Two people. I want to bring in Mr. Terrific – his backstory is amazing – and also Hawkgirl.”

It’s of note that Hawkgirl was originally meant to appear in Black Adam along with Stargirl. Which would’ve given the actor part of his wish. However, throughout the years, changes were made to the script and Hawkgirl was unfortunately cut. With DC’s slate currently up in the air, it’s unknown if Hawkgirl (or Mr. Terrific) will appear in any forthcoming project, but should Black Adam perform well, one has to think Hawkgirl’s big screen debut can’t be too far off.

Black Adam hits theaters on Oct. 21st, 2022.

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