‘Black Widow’ Passes ‘F9’ to Become Highest Grossing Domestic Film

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It looks like Black Widow has finally done it, as it officially passed F9 to become the pandemic’s highest-grossing film in the domestic Box Office. It currently pulled in $170.4M over the course of four weeks. It officially passed the film with its Wednesday Box Office. To put that into comparison, the latest Fast and Furious installment required six weeks to hit the $169.8M mark. So, even among all the legal issues, it still managed to top the Box Office.

Ever since the opening weekend, Disney has been coy on sharing any insight into how the film has performed on the streaming service since its initial launch. It supposedly made $60M in its opening weekend alone, but it’s uncertain if that number has grown at all since the initial launch. An analysis by Samba TV hinted that they managed to double their US viewership. So, it might turn out quite profitable for Disney.


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The big question remains if it would’ve made more money without a digital release. Even The Suicide Squad’s release is influenced by Warner Bros.’ HBO Max strategy. Even Disney’s latest release, Jungle Cruise, nabbed $34M, which seems on par with Dwayne Johnson’s film Rampage. It would imply that the Delta fear isn’t affecting viewers too much in their initial watch.

Yet, the second weekend has shown a general drop of around 70%+. Old and Snake Eyes dropped by 70% and 79% respectively. All eyes are on Jungle Cruise if it will continue that tradition.  The Suicide Squad is currently eyeing a $30M+ opening weekend, and it still looks like the overall Box Office still needs time to return to the numbers we saw in 2019.

Source: Deadline

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