Bridget Regan Cast as Poison Ivy in The CW’s ‘BATWOMAN’

batwoman poison ivy

It looks like another classic member of Batman’s infamous rogues gallery is joining the CW. Variety revealed today that actress Bridget Regan will bring Poison Ivy to life on The CW’s Batwoman series, as of the show’s upcoming third season. The show’s take on the character will see Pamela Isley as a former botany student at Gotham University. She is described as a passionate, brilliant scientist with a mind for making the world a better place. Unfortunately, she was taken off course when a colleague used her for experimentation, injecting her with various plant toxins that imbued Isley with the Poison Ivy power set.

Variety highlights the character did what she thought was right, until Batman took her down for her crimes. Now, Batwoman will have to deal with her vengeful return. Regan is no stranger to comic adaptations, having previously appeared as a recurring villain on ABC’s Agent Carter. She is also known for her roles in the hit shows Jane the Virgin and White Collar.

Regan follows in the footsteps of many performers before her, with Uma Thurman famously portraying the character in the late 90’s film Batman & Robin and multiple women taking on the role for the cult favorite Gotham series. Lake Bell currently portrays the character on HBO Max’s animated Harley Quinn. It’ll be interesting to see what new twist she adds to the character, whose gone through many iterations.

Source: TVLine

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