China Once Again Welcomes Superhero Films Back With ‘The Batman’ Approved to Release

the batman china

The Batman truly is an international star, as The Hollywood Reporter revealed the film has been signed off to release in the Chinese market. It’s the first to do so in quite some time. Matt Reeves‘ upcoming film will find its way into the Eastern market on March 18th. It’ll follow a release in Taiwan and South Korea on March 2nd. The biggest advantage for the release of this film in this market lies in that there’s no HBO Max simultaneous release, as the country is infamous for piracy. So far, the only other Chinese approved releases are Death on the Nile, the 2018 Woody Allen film A Rainy Day in New York, and Uncharted.

Many other releases were facing some trouble finding their way to the market with 2021 only seeing a handful making their way East. Spider-Man: No Way Home was actually hinted at getting releases in the market for some time, but it looks like this article confirms that it simply never got approved. There probably were just rumblings, but it’s not like the film had to rely on that market as it continued to break records during its ongoing release.

The Batman is promising a 3-hour noir-inspired take on the iconic DC character and has a good chance to be another release to redefine how powerful superhero films are at the box office. It’s unclear what surprises Reeves‘ rendition of the character might have in store for us, but we’re only a few more weeks away until it finally releases in theaters.

Source The Hollywood Reporter

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