CONFIRMED: Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Will Consist of 8 Episodes

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It’s been a long road but after a long bit of silence, we finally get an official update for Netflix’s ambitious adaptation of One Piece. Surprisingly, the news drops is an official statement from series creator Eiichiro Oda to celebrate Monkey D. Luffy’s birthday.

In an official statement, Oda shared the trials he underwent early on trying yo find a compromise between him and Tomorrow Studios, as the cultural differences make such an adaptation quite challenging for everyone involved.

He also goes on to highlight that while a 2023 release is confirmed with the posters earlier this year, they promised to not release the series until it has his final stamp of approval, which further highlights just how involved he is with the series.

That is not all, as it also confirms that One Piece won’t consist of ten episodes as previously announced back in 2017. As we shared in January of last year, the series will not consist of eight episodes overall. It’s been a long ride since the news initially broke with mang hints along the way until the final confirmation.

Overall, it’s great to get an update on the series and see the passion Oda has for this franchise. There’s a lot riding on getting this adaptation right for himself, fans, and those involved in production. Showrunners Steven Maeda and Matt Owens have proven their love for the series many times, which adds to the hope even more of finally seeing the first footage.

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