COVID May Cost ‘The Boys’ Third Season Jeffrey Dean Morgan

It is only a few days away from the release of The Boys‘ second season. The third season has already been announced weeks ago. The show has been quite the highlight for Amazon’s line-up. We got a more bleak look at what it means if we live in a world with super powered individuals. An interesting aspect of the show is that they try to use each season to also connect it to real happenings in the world. This was revealed by showrunner Eric Kripke in an interview with Total Film and Gamesradar.

The second season will explore xenophobia and the influence of authority figures. This way we can see what would happen if our own problems are elevated when superhumans are involved. As such, the third season might take some influences from our current predicament with COVID. Kripke does hint at it potentially showing up metaphorically in some form.

I can tell that season three, without being specifically about COVID— we’re having a lot of conversations about the government response to COVID here in the States. And my guess is, you’ll see that metaphorically show up in one way or another in season three. It’s a fortunate opportunity for me to have a show that I can, you know, talk about the world. I have a place to put all my frustration.

One last reveal he confirms in regards to COVID is how it might influence their casting.  They have been actively trying to get Jeffrey Dean Morgan to join the cast. He is still a major recurring character over on The Walking Dead. So, as long as the two-week quarantine rule exists, they can’t have him just fly over for a few days of shooting. Hopefully, if it doesn’t work out for this season that he can show up in the fourth season. Morgan is always a great addition to any show.

Source: GamesRadar

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