DC’s ‘Green Lantern’: Who is Alan Scott?

The Green Lantern Corps is one of many emotional spectrum corps that have protected the galaxy since they were formed over three billion years ago by the Guardians of the Universe. The Corp has known no prejudice, welcoming a variety of species and races, choosing only those with the greatest amount of willpower to fight and protect the universe from those who seek to spread fear, anger, and greed. The most notable of lanterns have become staples in the DC Universe and will return to live-action in HBO Max’s Green Lantern series, one that will span decades and focus on some of the most iconic corp members.

Recognising The Importance Of The Original Green Lantern Alan Scott – The Comic Vault

While he’s regarded as the first Green Lantern, he isn’t actually a member of the corps itself. Created by Martin Nodell, Alan Scott first appeared in All-American Comics #16 in July of 1940. Scott gained his abilities from a Lantern known as the Starheart, a magical entity trapped within a the lantern by the Guardians of the Universe. To tap into the power of the entity, Alan designed a ring to harness the power of the Starheart and became the golden age Green Lantern. Scott also happened to be a founding member of the Justice Society of America, a WW2 era superhero team that helped the allies in the fight against the Nazis and Hitler who wielded the Spear of Destiny. Alan would fall in love with Rose Canton who was secretly the Flash villain Thorn, fathering two children with her, both of whom would go onto develop abilities due to their father’s close proximity and use of the Starheart. These two would adapt the identities of Jade and Obsidian and join the JSA down the line.


Alan Scott will make his live action debut on the HBO Max Green Lantern series and will reportedly be adapted as an openly gay character, as his Earth-2 counterpart was revealed to be in the New 52 reboot. Alan Scott almost made an appearance in the second season of the CW series Legends of Tomorrow but that idea never made it past the concept art phase. The HBO Max series currently has no set release date and no casting has been made yet.

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