DC’s ‘PEACEMAKER’ May Be Adapting the Janus Directive

With plot details still being held tightly under wraps by Gunn and company, all we know is that the HBO Max streaming series, Peacemaker, will be a prequel to Gunn’s upcoming film, The Suicide Squad. Recent casting breakdowns tease what we could see unfold in the series which will most likely show us the origin of John Cena’s character, Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker. Some recent character breakdowns have teased the appearance of a few classic characters and the shady organizations they work for.

In this fresh take from DC, Smith would be reinvented into a Vietnam war criminal and would be sentenced to life in prison for his actions. Smith would be offered early parole for his participation in the Peacemaker Project, a top-secret anti-terrorist task force for the US government that would ultimately be shut down, but wouldn’t stop Christopher from taking up the mantle of Peacemaker and combatting terrorism himself as a one-man army.  This is where the story begins to pick up and where I believe Gunn would be adapting for his upcoming series focusing solely on this character

Since it was announced that he would be picking up this project, Gunn has praised the work of John Ostrander’s Suicide Squad and mentioned multiple times that he’s based a lot of what we see in those books as the inspiration behind his adaption. Well, Ostrander had another story and that story was The Janus Directive. This story saw multiple top-secret intelligence agencies from the DC Universe pitted against each other including The CBI, lead by one Sarge Steele, who we previously reported may have a role to play in the show. But that isn’t the only group I believe to be present in this and fueling the Janus Directive theory. The Agency, and that is its full name, was another top-secret group that was able to figure out the identity of Peacemaker and coaxed him into their service, but not alone, Peacemaker was also joined by Adrian Chase, aka the Vigilante, another character who’s been confirmed to appear in the upcoming series, to be played by Chris Conrad. Originally I believed that the CBI would be the only agency included but it wasn’t until the breakdown for a new character named “Keeya” was released. The production is looking for a black female, Late 20’s/ Early 30’s, gay supportive but tired wife, reluctantly dealing with her wife’s new government job and the secrecy it requires. We know at least one agency will be present and looking like this could be THE Agency considering the inclusion of Vigilante.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting though, when the leader of the Agency, Valentina Vostok, left the organization, someone was right there to pick up the pieces. The person was none other than Amanda Waller, who would take the remnants of the agency and turn it into Checkmate, an all-new covert agency. The inclusion of Amanda Waller in this series could lead her to a possible appearance in the show in which we see how Peacemaker came to be on the Suicide Squad after the downfall of the agency, possibly even seeing her fold the Agency into Argus.


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