Director Karen Maine on What Drew Her to ‘Rosaline’

During the virtual conference for ‘Rosaline,’ the director discussed what drew her to direct the project.

Hulu is set to release a new take on the iconic Romeo and Juliet story later this week with Rosaline. The film, which is inspired by the book While You Were Mine, takes the focus off of the star-crossed lovers and instead focuses on Rosaline, Juliet’s cousin and Romeo’s ex-girlfriend. Last week, Disney held a virtual conference for the movie, featuring director Karen Maine and some of her excellent young cast, including leading lady, Kaitlyn Dever.

When asked what had drawn her to the project, and how she was ultimately approached about it, Maine suggested Dever’s casting played a big role in her decision to sign on for the movie. “So, the script was sent to me, and I was told that Kaitlyn was attached to play the lead,” she said. “So immediately I was like, I love Kaitlyn and her work. Dying to work with her. She’s amazing. So, [I] read it. The script was amazing.”

The script, of course, was penned by (500) Days of Summer writers Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter, two writer Maine has been a fan of for some time. After reading the script and seeing how they were incorporating a classic Renaissance period with modern language, she began to craft the story in her mind. “And the idea to, you know, set it in classic Renaissance period with this modern language and the modern sensibilities and themes just would create this, in my mind, this perfect juxtaposition of, you know, old and new that just really nailed the comedy and let it shine.  So that was really the goal.”

For Maine, getting to work with Dever and craft a story as unique as Rosaline was a huge deal. But she also felt the music used in the movie was pretty important, too. In order to achieve her goal of expertly mixing old with new, Maine made it a point to include more modern music, as well as instruments that were used during the Renaissance period. “The music was really great too, because we’ve used modern elements like synth, but also a lot of old, kind of, period instruments from the time, like lutes and flutes and harpsichords and all that.  So, it’s all blended in there as well.  So, it’s really, you know, walking that line between old and new.”

Rosaline begins streaming exclusively on Hulu beginning October 14th.

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