‘DISENCHANTED:’ Idina Menzel on Returning for the Sequel, Her Love of the Songs

Idina Menzel expressed how easy it was to return as Nancy in ‘Disenchanted,’ noting that the composers knocked it out of the park with the music.

Disenchanted, the long-awaited sequel to Enchanted, finally hits Disney+ later this week. To celebrate the film, Disney held a virtual conference with some of its stars including leading lady Amy Adams, leading man Patrick Dempsey and Idina Menzel. With such a long gap between films, one of the questions the cast was most asked was what it was like to return. Adams, of course, noted how they had to carefully consider where Giselle would be nearly a decade later. But for Menzel, it was pretty easy to slip back into the role of Nancy Tremaine.

“Yeah, mine is a pretty drastic change,” she teased. “So, I go from this, you know, cynical New York chick, and then I jump down a portal or a manhole and then I come out like, and so it was so much fun for me. And the challenge for me, well, not even the challenge.”

While Menzel joked that returning as Tremaine was pretty easy, she went on to explain that part of what she loved so much about Disenchanted – and its predecessor, Enchanted – is the fact that the songs are wonderfully written. The actress and singer credited composers Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz for their ability to write soaring melodies perfectly for the actors.

I mean, the thing is, when you have someone like Alan and Stephen just writing for you, because they’re so incredibly talented — Even for character, the way they write melodies and these soaring melodies — it’s just it kind of they’re little signs that tell you how to approach it. You know? You don’t even have to think that much. Because the way they write gives you everything that you need. And, to have somebody like them write for you, for all of us, it’s such a gift. You know? To have someone take you in. And, like, Alan was saying, it’s the characters. But also, they know our voices and they can write for our strengths. And then, we can really shine. And to have that kind of back- and-forth with composers like the two of them is just, yeah, it’s [indiscernible].


Unlike its predecessor, Disenchanted will be skipping theaters when it releases later this week. The highly-anticipated sequel to Enchanted will instead stream exclusively on Disney+ beginning on Friday, Nov. 18th.

Those unfamiliar with the first film can check it out now on Disney+.

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