Disney Lost ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ Due to Creative Differences With Author

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Not long ago, it was announced that the hit young adult novel series Children of Blood and Bone would receive the movie treatment from Paramount Pictures. The news was wildly exciting for fans of the books, written by author Tomi Adeyemi. Yet, it was also a little confusing for anyone who remembered the 2020 Disney Investors Day panel that announced Lucasfilm would be adapting the franchise as their first non-Star Wars project in years. Luckily for the flabbergasted majority, an exclusive report from Borys Kit at The Hollywood Reporter is finally shedding some light on the matter.

There was a point in time when Kathleen Kennedy and the folks as Lucasfilm were keen to adapt Blood and Bone with Rick Famuyiwa attached to direct. However, this was before the wild success of the company’s Star Wars-based projects on Disney+. According to THR, the studio’s focus on shows like The Mandalorian forced Blood and Bone to the back burner, and series creator Adeyemi took issue with the slow pace of the project’s development. The writer also wanted more creative control, pushing to write the film’s script herself, and Lucasfilm was unwilling to comply.

As a result of the conflict, Lucasfilm decided to let its ownership of the story’s film rights run out and part ways with Adeyemi. Paramount won the rights after a long bidding war, and Lucasfilm has now committed to focusing on films and shows that relate to its established IP as opposed to developing new concepts. Time will tell how this move plays out for both parties, but it seems to be working out in their favor at the moment. Also, fans now have one less mystery to solve on their own.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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