Disney UK May Have Accidentally Leaked ‘She-Hulk’s Release Date

she hulk august release

Marvel Studios has had a rather strict approach when it comes to their Disney+ shows. As the schedule has shifted quite a bit throughout the years due to COVID, it’s been harder to get a feeling for when we may expect a series to actually release. Ms. Marvel came in with a surprising early June release, making us wonder when we might expect She-Hulk. Turns out, the wait might not be that long as the official Disney UK site has accidentally revealed that the series will premiere on August 17th on Disney+.

There is one aspect to this overview that’s a bit strange and it’s that Moon Knight is noticeably missing. The last Marvel Studios addition to Disney+ mentioned is Eternals but there’s no sign of the recently ended Moon Knight show. So, there may be some errors that have slipped through and the release date for She-Hulk could be changed depending on what the production requires. Yet, an August release would match rumors that we’ve heard back in April.

She-Hulk will see Tatiana Maslany take on the role of Jennifer Walters, a lawyer specializing in superheroes. Rumors have hinted that the show might include Wong trying to sue another wizard, as well as an episode focused on the return of Damage Control. If these turn out true, it may be the first series to truly have a week-to-week format, but it may follow WandaVision as it ends with a more traditional structure. We’ll have to see if the first trailer gives us any hint on how the series might turn out.

Source: Disney UK

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