Disney+ Working on Live-Action ‘King Kong’ Series

king kong disney plus

The Monsterverse is getting some competition as Diseny+ is currently working on a live-action series based on the icon King Kong. As revealed b Variety, the project is in early development but it would not only explore Kong’s origins but also Skull Island. It’ll be based on Merian C. Cooper‘s original and a new novelization by Joe DeVito.

Paper GirlsStephany Folsom is developing the series and acts as its executive producer. She’ll be joined b James Wan, Michael Clear, and Rob Hackett from Atomic Monster alongside World Builder Entertainment’s Dannie Festa.

King Kong has been a monster icon since the 1933 film. he’s gone on to receive a variety of projects including a remake in 2005 by Peter Jackson. There’s no clear mark on how the rights work surrounding this project with the Warner Bros. and Legendary Monsterverse franchise using the character in various projects.

Netflix is also working on an animated series titled Skull island, which is supposedly connected to it. Apple TV+ received the rights to a Godzilla spinoff, which may also potentially feature the iconic ape in some fashion or another. We’ll have to see how it develops as there’s also the untitled Godzilla vs. Kong sequel that supposedly is a modern interpretation of Son of Kong. So, the ape’s future in media is definitely secured.

Source: Variety

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