Disney’s For Your Consideration Page Updates ‘Hawkeye’ from Limited to Comedy Series

hawkeye season 2

Here’s a curious surprise, it looks like the For Your Consideration page has updated Hawkeye‘s nominations from a “limited series or anthology series” similar to Moon Knight to a “comedy series.” Commonly these award nominations are a good sign of what direction they are taking these projects such as WandaVision being nominated as a limited series back in the day as well.

So far, the only one that has gotten a second season renewal was Loki, but it surprised many that it was the only one to do so with its post-credit sequence. The change for Hawkeye could add some weight to it potentially getting a second season later down the line.

Now, keep in mind this isn’t a definite confirmation that multiple seasons are being worked on, as it could simply be that they are keeping the option open. Though the timing with Disney+ Day now announced for September ahead of D23 could add to the speculation of this potentially being set up for that announcement. If they decided to continue a series after the next award season, it could still nab that limited series award before being renewed.

Of course, we don’t know what exactly Marvel Studios’ strategy has been with these Disney+ series and we have no insight into how well they perform to warrant future entries. As of now, it’s just speculation but it looks like we’ll find out more by the time September rolls around. But we’ll be keeping an eye out for what else might change.

Source: Disney Studio Awards

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