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UPDATE: Purcell has now deleted the initial posting and seemingly has backpedaled on there being any problem with the studio. He did confirm he will be leaving full-time, but we may expect him to make an appearance throughout the series’ future seasons. It is unsure if this may have been planned in advance, but his character isn’t leaving the Arrowverse for good.



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The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow adds another name to the series’ long history of cast shake-ups. Dominic Purcell has announced via his Instagram account that he will be leaving the long-running DC show after an apparent fallout with the studio. The British-Australian actor was one of the few remaining original cast members on the show after previous storylines and personal decisions led to the departures of names like Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, and Wentworth Miller.

He made his debut in 2014 as a recurring villain on The Flash. Purcell was promoted to leading status for Legends of Tomorrow and went on to portray Mick Rory (a.k.a. Heat Wave) as an anti-hero for five seasons. There had not previously been any indication of his impending exit from CW’s Arrowverse, but an expletive-laden social media post from the actor revealed he had been having issues with higher-ups behind the scenes.

Aside from his work with DC television, Purcell is known for playing the “tough guy” in a variety of projects. He famously worked with his former Legends of Tomorrow partner, Wentworth Miller, as one of the leads on Fox’s cult hit Prison Break. He also once dipped his toes into the Marvel side of things, bringing Dracula to life for the infamous Blade: Trinity. It’s sad to see him exit the show and, hopefully, there is another project out there that will allow the actor to let loose.

Source: Instagram

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