Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Offers Updates on Tachyon Anomaly, Red Room Takeover, and More


Our weekly tradition returns as Crystal Dynamics offered some new details in the latest developer stream. We’ve got quite a bit of information on how they will expand their weekly blogs, as well as teasing upcoming updates for Loot 2.0. As we are about to start the game’s first event, we got a first glimpse at the rewards you can expect alongside a new neon skin set.

  • We might get a first look at Marvel Cinematic Universe skins in next week’s developer stream.
  • The patch for the Tachyon Anomaly will release on Tuesday, but the event won’t kick off until Thursday. It will also include fixes for the Villain Sector. There will be additional options for the Custom HARM Rooms so you can summon Dreadbots and airborne enemies. They discussed some details on the Tachyon Anomaly that got highlighted in this week’s blog, which you can read up here.
  • We will get a special dev stream next Tuesday. They will get joined by the voice actress Sandra Saad, who voices Kamala Khan, will join. If you have any questions for her, you can check out a Reddit thread to drop some.
  • We got our first reveal of the first set of animated nameplates. CD confirmed that these are just the first they are showing, and we’ll see more animations.



  • Red Room Takeover will be a temporary event.
  • We got a motivating update for the Omega-Level Threats, as they have gotten it down to a few more bugs that need to get squashed. So, we might get a clearer date soon.
  • We will see a new update to the Weekly Blog posts, such as getting progress updates on projects. They will add ongoing bullet points to keep players updated.
  • Crystal Dynamics confirmed that we are getting additional blogs that will offer an insight into Loot 2.0 and requested features (loadouts got specially mentioned). So, we will get a lot more insight into what they are working on currently.
  • Monotronic suits got revealed as the next skin set. They gave us a glimpse at them for Iron Man and Hulk. We’ll see Captain America’s suit next week.



It’ll be interesting to see when they roll out the information on the future updates, but it seems like the developers are at a point that they can get information out at a more reasonable pace. I am excited about next week’s first event and play alongside others as a group of Hulks or Iron Man. We’ll see how the next week develops and what we can expect once the Tachyon Anomaly starts.

Source: Twitch, Twitter

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