‘Doom Patrol’: Jane’s Inner Conflict of Her Needs and Wants

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In the fifth episode of Doom Patrol’s third season titled “DaDa Patrol,” the squad gets a taste of introspection. Each character is put in a position to learn something about themselves. The most fascinating lesson comes from Crazy Jane. As opposed to battling her many selves in other episodes, she’s faced with a question: Who is she? 

We’ve gotten to know Jane throughout the series as we’ve dealt with her trauma in so many ways. The Underground has been a template for the issues she deals with as she manages the rest of her many personalities. One of them, Kay, is someone Jane is watching over closely. As Jane meets with the Fog (played by Wynn Everett) she’s presented with something the series is putting at center stage. What does Jane actually want?

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We know what she needs, and that’s healing. A life not only managing these personalities but the previous issues with Niles is a tall task. It’s hard to do that and have a razor focus on taking care of yourself. Now as far as what she wants, the Fog is incredibly enticing.

The metaphor of sweets was magnificent writing. We know that chocolate and candy is bad for us in excess, but it’s so damn comforting. A simple sweet chocolate bar can cure your ills at least for a time. It’s a distraction from the real world. As Kay is dining on said candy, you can see Jane’s tough exterior wearing away as the Fog talks about freedom. What would you give to live in a world where you can be yourself? Jane doesn’t accept this outright but she’s more receptive to the idea than we probably think. 

Doom Patrol Episode 9 Photos: "Jane Patrol" | KSiteTV

There’s nothing wrong with wanting something more for ourselves. As we try to strive to do the things that make us most happy that goes without saying. However, in the context of Jane’s wants this could be a crutch and like sweets an addiction. The old phrase be careful what you wish for applies here. It’s easy to suspect the Fog will continue to entice Jane. Her biggest problem here is it’s not just about her. When her other personalities interfere they sense this too, however Jane doesn’t. As this season continues she has quite the task on her hands. Judging by the way the episode ended, Jane will be trafficking in the wants. Let’s hope she realizes what she needs. 

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