‘Eternals’ Eyeing a $150M Worldwide Box Office Opening

eternals opening

After the mixed reception, there was some concern that it might hamper Eternals box office performance. Early predictions had it at potentially breaking the $100M mark while the critical reception led to that going towards a prediction between $67M and $92M. As we’ve finally entered the week, we’re starting o get a better grasp of its potential box office performance. According to Variety, the box office is currently set to hit $75M+ with some even seeing it surpass the $85M mark. To give a comparison, it could potentially become Marvel Studios’ highest-earning film of 2021 if it passes Black Widow‘s $80M (excluding its Disney+ Premier Access income).

Venom: Let There Be Carnage still holding on to the $90M record for the year, which it could still potentially surpass if fan reception shows a more positive development. Shang-Chi also managed to beat early expectations by quite a bit as it was believed to only hit around $30M but ended up with $70M. So, there’s still a chance that it might surprise us and garner quite a bit more and potentially surpass the $100M mark that everyone has been chasing throughout the year.

Internationally, the film might potentially make $150M globally. In addition to the domestic predictions, it might add around $75M in international markets. It opened in South Korea to the top spot with the second-best opening day during the pandemic with $2.6M. The inclusion of Train to Busan‘s Ma Dong-seok has made the market a potential strong international player. So, it looks like it might pass Shang-Chi‘s international performance and potentially might develop similar to Black Widow. As the week continues, we’ll get a clearer picture of where the box office is heading.

Source: Variety, Deadline

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