EXCLUSIVE: Character Breakdowns & Start Date for Netflix’s ‘XO Kitty’

We can exclusively reveal that Netflix’s XO Kitty will kick off production in early 2022 and that it’s looking to cast six leading roles.

Last month, Netflix officially ordered XO Kitty, a spinoff from the To All the Boys… films, to series. While the books are based on the bestselling series by author Jenny Han, XO Kitty appears to be an original series that came about because of the movies and their popularity. Han is the TV series creator and co-wrote the pilot script with fellow author, Siobhan Vivian.

XO Kitty stars Anna Cathcart, who reprises her role as Kitty Song Covey from the hit Netflix films. While little is known regarding XO Kitty, we here at Murphy’s Multiverse can confirm production will kick off in March of 2022 and go through May 2022 in South Korea. We can also confirm that the series is looking to fill six main roles.

First up is the role of Dae. The character is a 17-year-old Korean male who speaks fluent English and Korean. He does, however, have a slight accent when speaking English. Dae is Kitty’s long-distance boyfriend and is described as being cute and smart.

Next up is Jina Han. The character is described as a Korean female in her mid-40s. She is the matriarch of the Han family, and reputation means everything to her. Han is devoted to her husband, a CEO, and makes sure not to overindulge. She is the Principal of the International Korean high school. The role is a series regular role with the character appearing in seven out of ten episodes.

The series is also looking to cast the roles of Min Ho, Q, Alex Park and Professor Lee. Min Ho is described as a 17-year-old Korean male or Korean expat. He’s handsome, confident and a millionaire playboy. He is afraid of commitment and can appear standoffish. This is a series regular role, with the production seeking an actor 18-year-old or older for the role.

Next up is Q, a 17-year-old male from Afraid or the Middle East. The character identifies as Queer and is fluent in English, although he has an accent. He’s sociable, tall, muscular and athletic with a winning smile. Physically an alpha, but extroverted in every other sense. This is for a series regular role. The production is seeking an actor 18-year-old or older for the role who can authentically portray LGBTQ+.

Alex Park is a Korean-American male expat in his late 20s. He is handsome and the brand-new chemistry teacher at the International Korean high school. Park serves as the dorm advisor and quickly gains a reputation as a cool, mellow teacher. He serves as a mentor figure to Kitty. While he’s a beloved teacher, Park has ulterior motives for taking the job at the school. Series regular role to appear in seven out of ten episodes.

Finally, there’s Professor Lee who is a Korean male or Korean expat. He speaks both Korean and English and is in his early 40s or 50s. He’s a stuffy, by-the-book literature teacher who insists students abide by the rules. He’s a perennial bachelor who has lived on the campus for the last twenty years. Series regular role to appear in seven out of ten episodes.

XO Kitty focuses on teen matchmaker Kitty Song Covey who thinks she knows everything there is to know about love. But when she moves halfway across the world (Korea) to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend, she’ll soon realize that relationships are a lot more complicated when it’s your own heart on the line. Han, the author of the To All the Boys… books, will serve as co-showrunner alongside Sascha Rothchild.

As of now, XO Kitty does not yet have a release date on Netflix.

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