EXCLUSIVE: Details on ‘Hawkeye’s Version of Clown Revealed

hawkeye clown

The upcoming Hawkeye series will explore many aspects of Clint Barton’s comic history yet non more than that of the My Life as a Weapon run. The story by Matt Fraction and David Aja introduced us to the bro-speaking gang known as the Tracksuit Mafia and the dangerous assassin Kazimierz Kazimerczak, or better known as the Clown. Fra Fee will take on the role in the series and they might switch it up for this adaptation.

Our very own Charles Villanueva got a chance to sit down with producer Trinh Tran to discuss the upcoming series. In it, she offered some insight into how the show tackled the character and teased that he might be quite a bit different from what we are used to from the popular comic storyline.

I can’t say much about how his character unfolds in this series, but what I can say is that part of the interesting thing about bringing these characters to life from the comics is that we wanted to give it a fresh spin. I think part of Kazi’s story in the comics is a little bit tied to how Kate’s world is like in the Matt Fraction run. But that’s not necessarily true in the MCU because once we bring that character in and explore them in the story that we have, it can go in any and all kind of direction.

Trinh Tran

It’s not uncommon that they change the characters to fit these new adaptations that take familiar comic storylines but add a new twist. Captain America: Civil War only loosely explores the themes and registration act from the comics, but doesn’t completely feature a full-on war between countless superheroes. It’ll be interesting to see how they adapt this character and what their role will be in the story.

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