FanDome: Static Shock Movie In Development

With many announcements and surprises flooding out of Fandome, many wondered what the planned secret DC Comics panel would focus on. It was revealed to be a relaunch of the Milestone comic brand. This comic line would focus once again on a roster of under-represented superheroes from the DC Universe. This is great after it had been dormant for more than two decades. In the panel, one fan asked the question if any of these characters would return to the silver screen.

In response to this question, it was revealed by Reginald Hudlin that there had been serious talks with Warner Brothers and Jim Lee. They wanted to get fan-favorite Static Shock a potential theatrical release. There are also talks with WB Animation to bring these iconic Milestone characters to life. Static Shock will also get a new comic line that starts in 2021 alongside the return of Milestone.

Fans are gonna have to wait a little bit longer for more information. It still seems to be in the early stages of discussions. They also seem to be considering bringing it bak as an animated feature, especially as the original Static Shock voice actor Phil LaMarr was part of the panel.


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