First Look at Hulu’s ‘HIT MONKEY’ Unveiled as it Eyes Late November Release

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Some time ago, Marvel TV announced a variety of shows that’ll crossover into the so-called The Offenders mini-series. Most of the series ended up getting scrapped but some productions were along far enough they’d still see the light of day on Hulu. The recent release of MODOK was the first series, which took a stop-motion approach to its animation style. It looks like the next survivor has found its way online, as Entertainment Weekly unveiled Hit Monkey is heading to the streaming service as of November 17th.

Alongside the release date, we also got our first look at the show’s titular Japanese snow macaque and his hitman ghost friend, Bryce. The dark comedy follows the events after Bryce nursed him back to health. Yet, after his passing, the macaque picks up his assassin’s ways to avenge his friend, as his ghost, voiced by Jason Sudekis, continues to haunt him throughout the show.

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The November release isn’t too far away and could be our hint at a potential trailer dropping at the latest of October. It’s curious that the series takes a more traditional 2D animation style, as they were supposed to crossover at some point. The concept of multiple shows with unique art styles colliding does sound like an exciting concept, but we’ll see if any of these series get a sequel season. There’s still no word on MODOK‘s renewal but only time will tell. For now, it’s great to see some of the more unique ideas still survive after the Marvel TV and Marvel Studios merger. We’ll see if their success leads to more down the road.

Source: EW

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