First Look at ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’s Knightmare Deathstroke and Cyborg

justice league cyborg

In almost two weeks, fans will be able to sit down and experience what the 2017 film was originally supposed to be. The film will include all new and never-before-seen footage from director Zack Snyder‘s original vision. One of the most elusive parts of Snyder‘s DC films was the mysterious Knightmare timeline. In it, Superman had fallen to the anti-life equation and was turned into an agent of Apokolips. It would lead to Darkseid’s conquest of Earth. We got our first look at the timeline in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. It gave us a brief glimpse of Batman’s rebellion before he was thwarted by Superman’s soldiers and Parademons. It looks as if the story will continue in the upcoming film, as a new gallery of the Justice League has offered us a closer look at the Knightmare designs.

The images above give us our first look at Knightmare Cyborg. It is shocking to see him in one piece with his armor malformed and rocky. It also seems as if his lights have gone off at some point, but this could be due to the figurine. He also is wearing a brown cloak, which he probably uses to hide his robotic body.

The next photos from the gallery feature our first look at Mera from this timeline. She is now wielding a trident and has presumably taken the place of Aquaman in the resistance. If you look closer, you can see that she is wielding a Parademon rifle as well. There is also the reveal of a worn-out Deathstroke armor that is covered in sand. We also get a closer look at Jared Leto‘s Joker, reprising the role for the first time since Suicide Squad back in 2016. This Joker seems to be dressed on a surgical gown of sorts, with a kevlar vest covered in bloody police badges, as well as his signature gun, featured in Suicide Squad.

The gallery includes a variety of other costumes, such as the Flash costume that we briefly saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We’re eager to see where the Knightmare sequence takes the story, and how this motley crew came together. Former enemies putting aside their feud for a chance at a better future. Zack Snyder’s Justice League will begin streaming globally on March 18th exclusively on HBO Max.

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