Gabriel Luna’s Canceled ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Spinoff Was Going to Feature Classic Ghost Rider Villains

ghost rider spinoff

Sometime before Marvel Studios ventured into Disney+, there were plans for Agents of SHIELD to get a variety of spinoffs. Their first attempt never got an order but their second attempt caught everyone’s attention. Marvel TV was eyeing a Hulu series featuring Gabriel Luna as Ghost Rider. While Helstrom moved forward with the streaming service, the Marvel TV and Marvel Studios merger made Luna‘s project its first sacrifice. Little was known about the project at the time. Well, that was until now.

In an interview with’s Adam Barnhardt, Luna discussed what would’ve been with the Ghost Rider project. Not only did the actor share his excitement to potentially return to the role one day, but also on what they had originally planned. They wanted to include many of Ghost Rider’s classic villains with Lilith getting highlighted. He even goes on to highlight that they wanted her as the main antagonist for a The Defenders-inspired crossover.

I remember when I was pitching stuff, I had a really awesome idea that would have kept Robbie in L.A. and that would have pitted us against classic Ghost Rider villains. And I think it would have led up to her being the big bad of what we were initially trying to start, which was this four-show, very Defenders-esque thing that was going to happen.

Gabriel Luna

The mother of all demons would’ve certainly made for an interesting threat, especially as they embrace the supernatural part of the Marvel franchise. Of course, Marvel Studios is doing something similar with Moon Knight and the rumored Werewolf by Night project. There are even some hints that Ghost Rider might make a return as part. We’ll see what the future has in store for the spirit of vengeance.


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