‘GCPD’ First Casting Detail’s Tease Seasoned Leads

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The Batman hasn’t even hit screens yet but this isn’t stopping WB from going all-in on Matt Reeves’ new take on Gotham City and its resident caped crusader. It was announced a while back that Matt Reeves had begun development on a prequel to his upcoming film centered around the GCPD and the corruption within, with the series taking place during Batman’s first year of activity. Initially, many fans jumped to assume this series would be an adaption of Gotham Central, a storyline written by Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker that focused on the cops of the GCPD and how they adjusted to life with Batman’s rise to prominence in the city and his war on crime.

The first casting details, although vague, could hint at some familiar faces around the GCPD. The casting details don’t give names but do state they’re looking for one male and one female to serve as leads for this series. The casting details remain vague but I think that the male lead could indeed be a familiar face from the Batman mythos. The production is aiming for a caucasian male in the ’30-’40s range for a “Police Detective, Works for Commissioner James Gordon.” Now that could really be anyone as the GCPD is obviously full of cops, but my first thoughts lead me to believe it could be Harvey Bullock.

At Fandome, Reeves stated that the show would follow the perspective of a corrupt cop in Gotham City. With the age range and close ties to Gordon, Bullock seems like the perfect fit for this role. I’m not so sure about the other casting. The production is looking for a black female in the ’35-’45 age range for a “former detective who was injured on the job and becomes the new Gotham district attorney. This could be an original character for the series as there really isn’t any character that fits this description. It’s also interesting to note that in the upcoming film, Peter Sarsgaard is set to play Gil Colson, the sitting district attorney at the time.

The upcoming spin-off to The Batman currently has no set release date but will release exclusively on HBO Max. The series will be executively produced by Reeves’ 6th and Idaho production company with Joe Barton serving as showrunner on the series.

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