‘Hawkeye’ Episode 5 Primer

With two episodes left to go, there’s a lot left to accomplish and it’s about to get started in a BIG way in Episode 5

As Episode 4 of Hawkeye, “Partners, Am I Right?” got started, the situation between Jacques and Clint was solved very quickly and they end up having a nice little tea party. During this episode, we learn that Jacques is basically a huge moron and that Kate’s mom might actually be the one pulling all of the strings behind the scenes, not him. Clint’s attempts to wrap up the Ronin business leads him to Kazi to try and make him convince Maya that she is chasing a ghost. Clint also goes in search of a mysterious watch that might hint at something about Laura being something, or someone, we never expected.

Kate’s mom made a phone call almost directly after Clint left her house; after this phone call Yelena shows up and attacks Clint. We know that Yelena was sent after Clint by Val, but I’m thinking this might mean that the phone call Kate’s mom made may have been to Val. Kate’s mom doesn’t really seem to be who we thought she was. Kate and Clint also get a chance to do a lot more bonding when Kate saves Christmas. As they talked, Kate asked Clint what the best shot he ever took was and Clint replied “the one I didn’t take”, referring to when he saved Nat. Closer to the end of the episode, when Kate had the perfect shot to kill Yelena, she chose not to which was a pretty cool parallel. The question is will Kate’s decision turn out well, like Clint’s, or will Yelena go cuckoo and make Kate regret it? After bonding during the “Christmas party”, sadly Clint and Kate seem to be splitting up following the big rooftop battle. Clint wants Kate to stay out of this fight but we all know Kate WON’T allow that.

Arlyn’s Assumptions

Watch Hawkeye season 1, episode 4 promo trailer

As we are coming close to the end of the season and something HUGE is about happen. We know from the trailers that the black-tie party is coming up (maybe the Bishop holiday party Kate’s mom was planning) and we also know that at some point Kingpin is going to pop in. I’m assuming that party is a great place for him to make his BIG entrance. We also know there is going to be a huge fight on an ice rink. Alaqua Cox shared a BTS picture from that scene that showed Maya wearing a purple costume and working with the Hawkeyes. What made her switch sides and turn on her “Uncle”? I’m guessing we’ll find out really soon.

The Episode 5 of Hawkeye streams tomorrow!

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