‘Hawkeye’ Writer Jonathan Igla Reveals Origins of ‘Rogers: The Musical’

Hawkeye head writer Jonathan Igla reveals he got the idea for “Rogers: The Musical” from a billboard for “Hamilton.”

The press tour for Hawkeye, Disney Plus’ latest offering from Marvel Studios, is in full swing, and head writer Jonathan Igla is spilling the beans on the details fans care about most.

Ever since the first trailer for the series revealed the show would feature a fictional stage production known as “Rogers: The Musical,” fans have been enamored by its potential. During a recent interview with Variety, Igla was asked about the story behind the creation of this exciting new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the creative was happy to answer.

It was one of the most fun things… We would drive by a ‘Hamilton’ billboard every morning on the way to the writers’ room. One morning I just thought ‘Rogers: The Musical’, and we started talking about it and it expanded. One of the great things about working for Marvel is if you have an idea that starts out small…and you pitch it to them and everybody’s sort of tickled by it and everybody’s excited by it, they’re willing to pick it up and run with it and make it even bigger. I’m so excited for people to see.

Jonathan Igla

It would seem the inspiration behind ‘Rogers: The Musical’ was exactly what it looked like. The Marvel Universe’s take on Broadway appears to tell the story of Steve Rogers’ life in the same way that Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s mega-hit Hamilton covered the life of actual Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. The comparison makes a lot of sense, considering both men are considered to have made large impacts on the history of the United States in their respective universes. It’s nice to see little details like this in the greater MCU, to show how the events of that world cause it to deviate from our own.

Fans will hopefully be able to see ‘Rogers: The Musical’ in all its glory when the first two episodes of Hawkeye drop on Nov. 24th.

Source: Variety

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