UPDATE: Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Cast Arrives in South Africa

one piece south africa

UPDATE: We got the confirmation that the cast is indeed in South Africa, as a follow-up post by Skylar features most of the cast and a nice nod to Zoro’s habit of getting lost, as he added a comment that he needs someone to pick him up:

It’s been around a week that we finally found out who will be playing the Straw Hat pirates in Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the popular manga series One Piece. Ever since the announcement, the cast has been enthusiastic about sharing their excitement about tackling these iconic characters. Emily Rudd and Jacob Romero Gibson have even changed their Instagram accounts to the characters they’re about to play The future Pirate King actor, Iñaki Godoy, shared his prep work while Taz Skylar showed off his kicking skills to tease Sanji’s fighting technique in the upcoming series.

Speaking of, it seems like the cast is slowly heading down to the shooting location in South Africa, as Skylar has shared a rather curious photo in his Instagram stories where he has tagged Rudd, Iñaki, and Gibson. He was recently sharing his travel, which many theorized might’ve been to South Africa but he has finally confirmed the location in another story post. As such, it seems that most of the cast might already be in Cape Town preparing for the shoot.

Does that mean they are already starting production? Not likely, actors fly to shooting locations some time in advance to acclimate to the new environment. Zoro actor Mackenyu is also not included in the list and might join them at a later point, or he’s already in character and got lost on the way. The touch of the actor who plays Sanji going shopping and preparing dinner for the rest of the team is a great touch by Skylar. In September, the production team was already sighted down there getting things ready. So, we might still have to wait a bit before we get an official production start, but Netflix might announce that moment on Twitter.

Source: Instagram

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