REVIEW: ‘Masters Of The Universe: Revelations’ Part 2

The return to Eternia came just a few months ago in Masters of The Universe: Revelations. The series caught many off guards as it began with the apparent demise of not just Skeletor, but the champion of Castle Greyskull, He-Man. Many were upset with this, expecting their childhood hero in all his glory, but this isn’t the “He-Man show”-it was literally in the title! This is a show about the greatest warriors in the universe and the second part of Kevin Smith’s epic conclusion should give fans everything they wanted and more.

The most attractive aspect of the show is how it’s brought to life. Each episode is excellently animated, specifically in the fight scenes. Each fight is meticulously put together for a dynamic and riveting effect. This is one of those cases where a live-action adaption just couldn’t live up to the capabilities of animation; with so many different characters with different abilities, the sky is the limit here in terms of creativity and they use it.

Right off the bat, the show is able to improve on many of its characters. Teela, for example, is much more focused and developed this time around. The voice cast is one of the series strongest aspects as everyone is quite perfectly cast, especially the villains. Mark Hammil’s Skeletor is absolutely perfect casting, Hamill is able to juggle a threatening presence as Skelegod but still keep the campy charm the characters always had. The shows willingness to take risks with its characters, specifically Evil-Lyn and Teela, is what keeps it so interesting. With so many characters, Revelations finds a way to give everyone a part to play. Even the smallest and oddest characters in Eternia get a spot to shine, and MOTU sure does have a lot of oddballs.

One of the biggest things that will please longtime fans is how part two utilizes He-Man. By that I mean He-Man is actually a major character. While it’s great to see many smaller characters featured, the strides taken with He-Man fit so well with this modern interpretation of the series as they aren’t afraid to show the emotional side of He-Man: he isn’t the one-dimensional character we once knew and Chris Wood does an amazing job bringing this classic character into the 21st century.

The show does an excellent job closing out the chapter at a pretty good pace but there are a few issues that stick out with the way it reveals things. With only five episodes to wrap up such a sprawling story, big moments that feel as if they should’ve been given more attention move a bit too fast. A moment that feels like it should’ve been better showcased feels like it was just shoehorned in because they forgot to add it in the first part. The show pulls the rug out from under you halfway through part 2, and it’s probably one of the best creative choices the series has made; it just fits so well with how a certain character was developed in the first part of Revelations, and then it pays off perfectly.

Along with rushing of certain moments that aren’t treated as importantly as they should be, some of the dialogue is a bit odd and ill-placed. While this is a more adult take, targeting its original generation of viewers who’ve now grown up, we can do without the innuendos. While they aren’t common, they’re there in some pretty tense moments that take you out of the action.

Masters of The Universe: Revelations feels like a love letter to the franchise. It’s able to capture the original nature of the cartoon all while bringing it modernizing it to work with its now grown target audience and even newcomers to the franchise. The characters are fun and feature a brilliant voice cast with the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chris Wood, Mark Hammil, Lena Headley, Liam Cunningham, and Tiffany Smith. Part 2 streams on Netflix November 23rd.

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