‘Hit-Monkey’ Creators Already Mapped Future Seasons

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Hit-Monkey has just been released on Hulu and it seems the creators behind the series, Josh Gordon and Will Speck, have quite the plans moving forward. The series is one of the few survivors of Marvel TV’s original The Offenders crossover plans. When the subsidiary was fused into Marvel Studios, we knew very little about these projects and if they’d even have a long-term future.

It looks like depending on its success, there might be plans for up to 10 seasons. Not just that, they’ve already mapped out a second or third, which are “enormously detailed and drawn out” according to Gordon. In his full statement he highlights that:

Certainly, the second and third seasons were enormously detailed and drawn out. We wanted the first season to work as its own complete meal and it really does sort of operate almost like an extended feature in that way, where it has a very strong beginning, middle and end and it does stand alone. But in terms of where these characters would go, including Lady Bullseye, there’s a lot to be had there.

Josh Gordon

We’re still waiting for a confirmed renewal for MODOK, which was well-received during its initial release. Yet, as we learned during Disney+ Day, their new animated projects are now given the Marvel Studios logo even if they aren’t MCU canon. So, Hit-Monkey still holds the “Marvel” title from Marvel TV’s era and we’ll see if they’ll be able to bring their future season ideas to life.

Source: ScreenRant

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