Hit-Monkey to Face Iron Fist Villain Fat Cobra in Hulu Series

hit monkey villain

Marvel has unveiled its upcoming Hit-Monkey TV series that’ll premiere on Hulu in November. We’ve known very little about it up to this point and even the character descriptions don’t give away much from the series. However, it seems that the first trailer included some rather iconic Marvel villains. What first jumped at us was the inclusion of Lady Bullseye, who’s a long-time Daredevil villain and member of the hand. Yet, it seems this show plays by its own rules, as the trailer also confirms that Hit-Monkey will face off against the Iron Fist villain Fat Cobra.

His design is quite iconic, as Fat Cobra is a sumo wrestler whose entire body is covered in lettering. The trailer even shows him summoning lightning which could build up a connection to Iron Fists and the Heavenly Cities. He may have a minor role in the series, but the character was known to take on various opponents before his fight with Iron Fist in the grand tournament. It’ll be interesting to see if the Immortal Iron Fist also appears in some capacity in the series or even gets referenced.

Source: Twitter

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