‘Marvel’s Hit-Monkey’ Trailer Reveals Lady Bullseye

lady bullseye

The first trailer has arrived for a series that many believed was canceled long ago. Hulu’s Hit-Monkey will feature the story of an unlikely alliance between the ghost of a hitman and a very talented monkey. We know very little about the series, but the first trailer may have offered a first look at a familiar Marvel villain, Lady Bullseye. She can only be seen for a few seconds but the iconic mark on her forehead seems to confirm her involvement in the show’s storyline. Here’s an image from the first trailer:

Lady Bullseye’s real name is Maki Matsumoto. After witnessing the original Bullseye killing people, she was inspired by his actions and took on the mantle. She became a member of the hand and even acted as a lawyer through her alter-ego. It made her a force to reckon with for Matt Murdock in and outside of the courtroom.

Her original goal was to take over the Hand organization, but it’s unknown if this spin-off series will even include the ninja organization in some form. It’s interesting to note that there is no mention of Maki in the official character listing. Perhaps it’s Olivia Munn‘s Akiko who’ll take on the role, as she is teased to have a darker side.

Source: Twitter, Marvel

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