‘Hitman’ IO Interactive Working on an Untitled ‘007’ Game

In case you missed it, the minds behind the latest Hitman trilogy have announced their latest project. It seems like they are going to tackle one of cinema’s most iconic characters, James Bond. The spy extraordinaire’s origin story will take center stage in their upcoming project. The announcement also came alongside a short teaser that shows a transition from their logo into the iconic opening shot we know and love from the franchise.

The project has no name as of now. It currently holds the Project 007 working title. Their website does highlight that the story will be completely original, which will see how James earned his 00 status. It looks like they are also recruiting people to join their team. This project might be very early in development, so do not expect it anytime soon. Something is interesting when you check out their applications, as they have various projects highlighted with who they are looking for. It seems IO is also looking for a Multiplayer Network Programmer, who will be attached to an unannounced project. They could be hiding the fact that this game will include multiplayer, or there is another major project to be announced soon that will be heavily focused on multiplayer.

IO has built up quite the reputation with their quality releases from the Hitman franchise. The Danish company once was owned by Square Enix before they were able to perform a management buyout to become an independent production company. They were also the ones that created Kane & Lynch during a hiatus from the franchise that put them on the map. IO’s work on that project will certainly come in handy during the development of this brand new game. It is great to see the European company get their hands on such a massive IP, so cannot wait to see what they will be able to do with it.

Source: Twitter, 007, Career IO

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