How ‘SUICIDE SQAD 3’ Could Build Upon ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’s Aftermath

suicide squad 3

After the explosive success that was The Suicide Squad, the team is bound to make a return at some point. When that day eventually comes, Gunn has taught us how much value this franchise gains from a new writer and director. While keeping the films subtly separate, I believe it’s time to explore what happened between The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, which allows Rick Flag and Captain Boomerang to return for one of the many other missions hinted at by both them in the opening of James Gunn‘s film.

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The premise for this pitch would follow Amanda Waller sending out a team to Pozharnov, Russia. If the location sounds familiar, it’s where the Justice League faced off against Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons. However, the location would now be the temporary base of operations for Intergang, who’ve moved in on the terraformed territory and salvaged leftover Apokolyptian tech. They’ve started reengineering it for sale to capitalize on the tragedy. While they’ve been a mostly Superman antagonist, the group should take a Hydra-like role in the DCEU, acting in the shadows with its ties to Apokolips.

The latest verison of the gang would be lead by Bruno and Moxie Manheim, Doctor Polaris, Neutron, Toyman, and Deathstroke, who were sent to keep things on track by the one bankrolling the operation, Lex Luthor. Deadshot returns with another team consisting of hand-picked members especially suited for this mission to search and and shut down Intergangs operation.

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The roster could include Poison Ivy, Killer Frost, Rick Flag, Count Vertigo, Parasite, Nightshade, Killer Moth, Clock King, Captain Boomerang, and Copperhead. This time around, there’s no diversion with a team but rather two groups with specific missions to accomplish. In typical Waller tradition, she doesn’t inform them of each other’s existence, which leads to an unexpected confrontation.

The one notable absence in this film would be Harley, and while she’s been a staple in the past two films, it’s time to move on. Captain Boomerang teased he’s been on different missions when he asked her surprised what she was doing back in prison. I think exploring those missions getting to know some past fan favorites, even more, would be much more beneficial. Placing it during Birds of Prey also gives a good reason why Harley is absent and gives us a new perspective on the team that might also explore why Waller continues to fall down a darker path.

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