Iman Vellani Shares Her Excitement About THAT ‘Ms. Marvel’ Scene

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Spoiler ahead if you haven’t seen the final episode of Ms. Marvel yet. So, if you want to remain spoiler free, only continue at your own risk.

The ending of Ms. Marvel did a lot. It felt like the perfect double-whammy as not only did we get the return of Brie Larson to the Marvel Cinematic Universe since her cameo in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, but also the reveal of the first mutant in the MCU. Now, it wasn’t explicitly stated that she is a mutant but anyone that loves the X-Men: The Animated Series‘ theme would instantly make the combination with the word “Mutation.” In a way, it’s our first official acknowledgment of the team in the mainline MCU, and Iman Vellani shares how she freaked out when she found out.

They sent me, and only me, the draft [of the final episode], and I immediately freaked out. I emailed Kevin Feige in all caps. I was like, are you doing this like for real? Are you sure? I’m so honored! I was like yelling at him through an email. I was freaking out. This is the biggest deal in the world, and the fact that it’s happening in our show is crazy. People are going to lose their minds. They’re going to lose everything. I did. It’s truly a really big deal.

Iman Vellani

We’re naturally left with more questions than answers. The X-Men‘s only confirmed future appearance is through the animated sequel series to the iconic 90s animated series. With the iconic theme song making a repeated return, perhaps they are part of this franchise after all and we’ll meet a very different team that’s always been there. Of course, we also saw that version of Professor X in Multiverse of Madness is part of another dimension. So, they kind of paid tribute to it while also keeping the door open. Perhaps SDCC has some answers for us soon.

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