‘Ms. Marvel’s Head Writer Reveals THAT Moment Wasn’t Always the Plan

The final episode of Ms. Marvel has dropped and it’s time to talk about it. If you, however, want to remain unspoiled then only continue at your own risk.

Marvel Studios has finally made a move in regards to the slow introduction of the mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ms. Marvel has been revealed to be the MCU’s first mutant with a nice nod and the iconic 90s theme from the animated series. As it turns out, however, this wasn’t always the plan from the get-go as head writer Bisha K. Ali revealed that it was something that was definitely a moving piece as they put the series together.

It wasn’t from the beginning [of the show]. With Marvel, something’s always a moving piece, and we’re trying to solve this question of, ‘If any of [Kamala’s family] put the bangle on, would they have powers?’ The answer was always no, from a character perspective, no.

Bisha K. Ali

It’s interesting as the way it was hinted at was that they had this in the back of their minds while writing the project. They hinted that their plans were always to change their approach to the character to fit Kamala Khan in the bigger mythos being built around the MCU. We all just assumed that they may be actually setting something up in regards to her future appearance in The Marvels, but it definitely was a surprise that they went that direction. Some still believe that this is an erasure of the Inhumans, but with the recent appearance of Black Bolt, there are many opportunities to still tie her with the Royal Family in interesting ways.

Source: Marvel

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